3 Mt Kenya politicians likely to be Raila’s 2022 running mate

ODM leader Raila Odinga at a past event. [Source/ Raila Odinga]
It will be no surprise if ODM leader Raila Odinga decides to try his luck to occupy the top seat in the country for the fifth time in a row.


If Raila decides to vie for the presidency one more time, he might just decide to change tact in an effort to woo more voters who could propel him to the top office in the country.

For instance, in his previous four botched attempts, Raila has never chosen a Central Kenya running mate. Who knows in 2022 he may just choose to do the unlikely and look for a running mate from Central Kenya especially in the spirit of the building bridges initiative.

So, in the likely event that Raila chooses to travel this path, who would be his likely running mate?

1. Wiliam Kabogo

He is likely to be Raila’s running mate going by his previous anti-Deputy President William Ruto sentiments. Kabogo is influential in Mt Kenya politics and may just be the right man for Raila.

Do not forget he was the first Mt Kenya political bigwig to meet Raila after the handshake. What the two discussed then, nobody knows.

2. Peter Munya

He is independent minded and is also influential in the upper Eastern region politics. Voters from this region who traditionally rally behind a Central Kenya presidential candidate have demanded that the latter pays them back by supporting one of their own either for the top seat or a running mate position.

Raila may just seize the moment and make in-roads in Central Kenya for the first time.

3. Mwangi Kiunjuri

He has severally been taunted as the most suitable person to take over from President Uhuru Kenyatta as Central Kenya’s political kingpin. Since there is an unlikelihood that the region will field a candidate for the top seat, why shouldn’t Raila approach their likely kingpin and offer him a running mate post?

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