3 things that make the Waititu-Wamuchomba duo not see eye-to-eye with Moses Kuria

Kiambu Governor Ferdinand Waititu. [CREDIT/Waititu-Twitter]
The promulgation of a new constitution in 2010 came with a new political dispensation that created 47 county governments and one national government.


In both levels of government there are many elected leaders in various levels whom the constitution envisioned to have a sort of political synergy mainly aimed at enhancing service delivery to the electorates that they represent.

However, this cannot be said to be case today in many counties as useless competition for political power among leaders elected at various levels take centre stage.

In Kiambu County, for instance, this hogwash can be said to have taken roots immediately after the 2013 General Election, the first poll under the new constitution.

It all started during former Governor William Kabogo’s administration when almost all 12 elected Kiambu MPs ganged against the governor accusing him of among other things high-headedness and pride.

With the exit of Kabogo following 2017 General Election whom many of these leaders considered a thorn in Kiambu feet, one may have been made to believe that the newly elected batch of county leadership would work in harmony for the common good of the county residents. Nothing could be further from the truth!

A new battle front has since been opened starring Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria on one side and the county governor and Woman Rep, Ferdinand Waititu and Gathoni Wamuchomba respectively on the other side.

This apparent battle for supremacy has been playing out openly since Kuria’s infamous utterances at Thika Stadium on the New Year’s Eve where he basically accused President Uhuru Kenyatta of sidelining Central Kenya development-wise.

Waititu and Wamuchomba were the first county leaders to reprimand the MP accusing him of regularly making reckless statements under the influence of booze.

The ugly battle continues to fire up with Kuria during an interview on Citizen TV’s JKL show on Wednesday accusing the duo of having inverted priorities ‘because it is like the two are in competition on who has gathered more drunkards on their side than the other’.

But why can’t the three county leaders simply see eye to eye? Kuria may have given us a hint during the JKL interview.

1. He (Kuria) ‘refused’ to be part of the United for Kiambu campaign movement

The group whose main aim was to dislodge Kabogo from Kiambu governorship had brought many of the current elected Kiambu leaders who were opposed to Kabogo.

Kuria revealed during the interview that he was never part of it as ‘I concentrated on campaigning for my Gatundu South seat and President Uhuru Kenyatta’.

2. Kuria believes that he doesn’t belong to the duo’s political league

The MP said that he did go to Punjab University, a veiled reference to Waititu, and therefore, not suited for county politics as his eyes are set on the presidency.

3. Misplaced priorities

As noted earlier, Kuria thinks Waititu and Wamuchomba’s rehabilitation of drunkards is not a biting priority in the populous county where majority of the residents live from hand to mouth.

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