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3 types of drinks you should avoid after hitting 40

Some of these drinks are laced with indigestible sugars of people above 40 years. [Credit/]
The body’s metabolism tends to decrease when you grow older and this is why you are advised to stop consuming certain food that are hard to digest by the alimentary canal.

Having some drinks at your 40’s is so risky and can attribute to different health conditions.

Here are the drinks you should avoid after 40

1. Flavored coconut water

This drink is said to have high sugar content which is dangerous. The common impacts that is associated with sugar content include obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and so on. Moreover, the coconut water is hard to digest.

​2. Lemonade

Basically, it is a juice that comprises of water and lemon which has been sweetened with sugar. Since it is made up of sugar, it has sugar content. You all know the effects of taking a substance with high sugar content. So, if you are 40 and above you should avoid this drink because of many reasons.

3. Drinkable yoghurts

They have many benefits to the body. These drinks play an integral role by protecting the gut and the whole body as well. They are laced with sugars that are hard to digest in the alimentary canal of old people.

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