For how long will Ruto sell Propaganda to Kenyan?

Ruto is known for consistence selling of propagandas duping his supporters into believing in non existence things.Ruto sold Propaganda that Jubilee had built 9stadia instead of five promised.To date Ruto cant show even one stadium that Jubilee has built.Move swiftly to Laptops ,Ruto believes that the project was successful yet nothing has happened and billions assigned for the said project cant be traced.Ruto came up with over 6000Km of roads and claimed that Jubilee had completed such,To date this remains a wet dream.


Fast forward to the Kimwarer Dam,Ruto went further to attacking the DCI of targeting his people and dismissed the 21B scandal as only a 7B scandal,to him 7B is just a small amount that Kenyans must not follow up.Now the Gold scam Saga has given Ruto some energy to attack opposition as masterminds of the fake deals.Ruto and his brigades of brainwashed idiots have gone ahead to sell a sustained propaganda that Raila is involved in it.Ruto will not tell you that in fact ists Raila who has helped in bringing forth the case to the authorities.Ruto wont like to give credit to Raila because he sees him as a threat to his presidential bid.


According to standard media sources,On April this year Raila flew to Dubai where the matter was brought up by Sheikh Marktoum who reportedly asked for his intervention to have his 4.6tonnes gold released from JKIA.The Kenyan man was embarrassed when he called a man purporting to be Matiangi only for Raila to cut the conversation short and tell him the person wasn’t Matiangi.The phone call was in a loud speaker.Raila told them point blank that they had been conned and promised to raise the matter with Kenyan officials.When Raila came back he informed the president and the security team of the Saga.So why is Ruto peddling the propagandas?Does Ruto think that Kenyans will remain fools forever?Who is Ruto’s target audience?

On Saturday April 27, President Uhuru met the Dubai Ruler who raised concerns about the same problem,Uhuru was with Raila in that meeting from their way from China.At this meeting,the Ruler played the audio clip that has leaked to the media at the weekend.On returning home,Uhuru summoned a security meeting where Matiangi,NIS Boss Phillip Kameru,IG Mutyambai and Interior CS Karanja Kibicho attended.He demanded an immediate action, this has triggered the police operations witnessed in the country where illegal fake Gold has been discovered and controversial businessman Jared Otieno arrested.

Ruto and his team calling for resignation of Matiangi is a wet dream and propaganda with baseless rumours and innuendos.Its high time that our politicians are held to account on what they propagate and asked to substantiate their claims.

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