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4 reasons why 2018 was an ‘economic hell’ for many sex workers

Many sex workers want 2018 gone and forgotten. [CREDIT/]
They are more than eager to see the year 2018 gone and forgotten because according to them the year was unfair.


These are not angry farmers whose yields sold poorly due to oversupply in the market, or distraught businesspersons whose profit margins reduced drastically as a result of economic downturn, but Thika town sex workers.

A section of these twilight girls in an exclusive interview noted that “this year was cursed and just not meant for many of us operating in this town”.

Here are some of the things that make some of these sex workers who asked for anonymity, regard 2018 as ‘cursed’.

1. Kiambu County Government ban on daytime sex hawking

Earlier this year, the Ferdinand Waititu-led county government banned daytime commercial sex activities across Kiambu arguing that it was encouraging immorality and setting a bad example. However, the sex workers disagree terming the ban as total ‘hogwash’.

2. Fuel levy

The eight per cent fuel levy that the government imposed on September leading PSV operators to hike fares, the sex workers say has had a negative impact on them.
They note that despite increased fares their daily earnings remained unchanged.

3. Matiang’i matatu crackdown

This is another ‘devil’ that the sex workers would rather not remember because as they say, the move only served to further sink their already nosediving fortunes.

4. Poor tea bonus payments

The twilight girls further note that their ship hit a rock bottom when they realised that the usually generous rural tea farmers were not showing up in town in sizeable numbers as they do apparently due to reduced annual tea bonus earnings that were paid at the end of October.

The sex workers had say that the tea bonus payment season has always been a ‘harvest time’ for a majority of them.

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