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5 common types of food you eat daily loaded with deadly chemicals

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Nowadays, a number of foods are loaded with perilous chemicals and preservatives that have detrimental effects to your general health.

By M. Samuel

This is why you find that most people are falling victim to various maladies ranging from cancer to diabetes.

Here are FIVE common foods that are laced with dangerous chemicals.

1. Bread

This is a favorite meal among many Kenyans. Even though eating breads come with some benefits, bread said to be laced with dangerous chemicals.

Potassium bromate is one amongst the chemicals present in bread. It is carcinogenic in nature.

​2. Apple

This vitamin giving fruit is said to be loaded with dangerous chemicals that are not only carcinogenic but also cause other infections.

The chemical is sugar cyanide compound that breaks down to hydrogen cyanide in the body. This chemical brings about headaches, dizziness among others.

3.Chewing gum

Those of us who love chewing ball gums need to know that gums have harmful chemicals. They contain lanolin. The chemical impact the brain and IQ level.

​4. Cherry tomato

These are genetically modified tomatoes that are derived from a wild type and the domesticated garden tomatoes.

They contain harmful pesticides and herbicides that are normally used to enable them thrive in harsh environmental conditions and keep them free from diseases.

5. Spinach
It is reported that they contain acetamiprid and imidacloropid chemicals.

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