50 dead after taking dettol as a vaccine for Covid19.

by Abby Njeri

Some congregants are known for following whatever their pastor says, whether good or bad without thinking twice.

This was the case for 50 congregants in South Africa who drank detol after their pastor said so, with the hope that it would shield them against the deadly corona virus.

Many drank the disinfectant, but the 50 unlucky were left dead while others were left hospitalized in a critical condition.
The prophet, known as Rufus Phala told his followers that God had instructed them to drink dettol as a shield against covid19 and other deadly viruses.

This event follows after 20 people died immediately after consuming Jik, a bleaching agent after their pastor told them to do so in order to be shielded from deadly effects. The pastor went into hiding after he noticed that his advice had proved fatal.

Doctors have adviced people to quit following any ‘silly’ advice from fake prophets.

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