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8 Habits holding you back from greatness

8 Habits holding you back from greatness

Greatness is internal, it is our choice to live by the habits of successful people and it is our choice not to. Greatness is the state of being in your spectacular form in every area of our life. We can all develop greatness from what we do by looking inside ourselves and vehemently displaying the vision for everyone to see. I’m convinced that, when you get set in your path to greatness you end up to be the kind of legend who we only read about in books and who’s success stories only feature in the TV. To awaken the greatness within you, you’ll have to drop these 10 habits:

1. Perennial complaining

The world is filled with perpetual complainers, people who have no idea of how to express gratitude. Weak people complain about virtually everything but on the other hand people who have reached extreme summits of greatness appreciate every unfolding situation in their lives and are at peace with who they are, where they are, and where they aren’t as they stay focused with where they want to be. The beauty of life is a latent secret to habitual complainers and so to be at the top you’ll have to switch from complains for gratitude.

2. Waiting for the ideal time

There will never be an ideal moment unless it is the ‘now moment’. Now is the only ideal time for you to pull it off. It all takes now to build a future that you have always cherished to have. In his superb book A path to greatness Githuto Mutahi writes,”A core tenet of living a life of greatness is stepping up your game with the belief that now is all you have to write out your legacy.” To amass greatness in your life snatch the now moment and make it the ideal moment, and your wow moment will only be around the corner.

3. Not fighting your battles

The problem with most of us is that we are not ready to fight our own battles, in some way we  always look for means to blame others for our predicaments. We are always looking out to others to handle what doesn’t in any way concern them. You get trapped in unending blame games blaming the government, the economy, the job market, your spouse, your boss, and your parents. Meet your battles singly eyeball to eyeball so that if you win you own-up the victory and when you lose you prepare for the aftermath. If you are not always looking up for other people to tackle your life’s mayhem you’ll go down in history as a legend.

4. Not playing your A-game

Have you ever had to handle the feeling of under performance? That feeling of falling short of your inbuilt potential. When you play below your A-game you stay trapped under a fog of humiliating frustration that never lifts, unable to reach the greatness of your full potential. What good is potential if you can’t do anything with it anyway? I’m talking about absolutely crushing your goals; Defying your wildest expectations, concerning every area of life achievements. Your greatness depends in your craft, try to perfect it day in day out and as time goes by you’ll be playing your all-high A-game.

5. Going it alone

If success is a game of numbers so is greatness. Success can be a lonely road, it doesn’t have to be. You needn’t go it alone, always have it in your mind that it takes two to tango. More hands means more getting done. In your pursuit to greatness you’ll realize that there is too much to be done and when all you’ve got is your pair of hands things might be a little sour for you. The journey to greatness is not an all-juicy one and that’s why you’ll need more than yourself to navigate through the stumbling blocks. To achieve success and awe-inspiring greatness you’ll need to attract magnificent people in your inner circle. Go out there have tons of role models, have mentors, have haters, have critics and have many of them each one of these guys will have great input into you rose, and so the many the better, do not go it all alone.

6. Undermining personal development

Great people understands that there is never an end to the journey of self-improvement. They continuously invest in learning and making themselves better and better. This doesn’t mean they chase degrees, P.H.Ds or the reserved titles, they read books, listen to audiotapes and attend conferences to continuously perfect their craft. The bottom line is, we all have an opportunity to better ourselves into the best versions we are meant to be.

7. Not managing expectations

The law of expectations says that whatever you expect with confidence, positive or negative becomes your reality. Well, we all have had expectations in our lives and if so then I’m certain we’re all victims of the disappointments that expectations brings. Expectations are not as bad as people put them, how we manage them is what matters. From building a burgeoning career, getting a life partner, starting a business, getting out of debt, leading a healthy life, to even the finer goals like passing your exams, organizing your work desk and many others, you’ll find that for all these you have what you  expect from each one of them. To avoid disappointments have a balance in between your expectations positive or negative but remember you’ll always be attracting that which you  expect.

8. Copy pasting mentality

The world is tired of copy cats thats why there are so many suicidal cases with people who are living in anger  with themselves and a lack of fulfillment in life.  Many of us live for so long without unlocking  our wells of greatness while trying to copy what is considered to be success in the eyes of the  world. We were not all created to become Barrack Obama, Warren Buffet or Manu Chandaria but to create a unique path for our greatness. You see we already have an Obama but what we possibly lack is the great you and that gap cannot be sealed by you trying to copy being him, it requires the authentic you.

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