A baby daddy brutally kills 2 children over a 70,000 Kshs debt.

It was a sad day for a family in Murera village Juja, Kiambu county on Monday 10th February 2020.

On the fateful day, the two kids 6 year old Princell Muchina and 7 year old Lunice Macharia got from school and changed from their uniforms as usual.

Their grandmother and mother never found them at home. They assumed that the two kids were just playing around with other kids in the neighbourhood. However, as time went by without the kids getting back home, they got worried and suspicious that something was amiss.

The two tried searching for the kids till 10:30pm when they decided to report the matter to police.

The next day, the kids were found dead and dumped in sewage water.

As reported by Inooro Tv, a neighbour saw a man resembling one of the kids dad going to an unknown location with the two kids. It’s suspected that the baby daddy could have murdered the two kids over a 70,000 Kenyan shillings debt that their mother owed him before the divorce.

The police are still investigating into the matter.

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