A list of fearless Kikuyu Members of Parliament who dares Uhuru Kenyatta

On the eve of hotly contested 2013 and 2017 general elections, Jubilee party had a bunch of loyal and unwavering Members of Parliament who threw their weight behind  their party leaders the move that culminated to massive victory.

However,things started to fall apart that the centre would not hold anymore. The Handshake between Uhuru and Raila led to emergence of two factions, Tanga Tanga front which gravitates its allegiance to William Ruto and Kieleweke team whose allegiance is to the president.The two fronts has since treated each other with contempt and suspicion.

These are fearless Kikuyu Members of Parliament who openly dares the president and tells him him he is naked without sugar coating.

Kimani Ngunjiri

Bahati Member of Parliament is a vocal politician marred  with controversies.

He is known for speaking his mind out without blinking his eye.Despite being an ardent Jubilee government supporter, he jibes the government and his party leader wherever he feels the government has made a wrong move.

On Jan 06, 2019 Ngunjiri shocked the country when he asked the president to step aside if he is unable to provide good leadership.

After Uhuru Kenyatta’s popular “washenzi” slur. Kimani Ngujiri started “Mimi ni mshenzi ”movement that was meant to express displeasure of them(central people) sidelined after being used for voting.

Alice Wahome

Kandara Member of Parliament (MP) is fond of slamming the president and accusing him being responsible for Kenya’s declining economy, democracy and freedom of speech.

Wahome has poked holes on Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) terming it a ploy by Uhuru to disregard the constitution and cling onto power.

Alice was an ardent Jubilee Party foot soldier in Central Kenya region during 2017 elections.She is allied to William Ruto’s Tanga Tanga faction.

Ndindi Nyoro

Kiharu Member of Parliament has been on receiving end for his incessant criticism of the president. Nyoro has on record of times taken swipe at Uhuru Kenyatta over spiralling foreign and internal debts.

Moses Kuria

An outspoken and controversial Gathundu South Member of Parliament is a fearless and daring politician.He was once a staunch  supporter and defender of Uhuru Kenyatta. Their relationship suffered a stint following Kuria’s verbal attacks on the president. Moses has been accusing the president for neglecting Mt Kenya region despite the region’s unwavering support. Kuria has been on the forefront advocating the rights of coffee,tea and milk farmers the sectors that experience low returns.

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