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A man who could have saved Tom Mboya from his fateful death

Tom Mboya with his wife. [Photo/courtesy]
Surprisingly, it has now emerged that former Minister for Labour and Economic Planning Tom Mboya assassination could have been avoided. Barely after 50 years ago, a man by the name Joseph Awiti Mboga, a former Public Health Officer has explained how he tried to warn Mboya.

According to Mboga who was Mboya’s friend then, he got wind of the information of planned murder five years before the fateful day. Mboga was informed by
Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) missionary as he came from Kendu Bay.

Mboga recalls, In 1964 he went to Missionary and told him though the late Mboya appeared like
Nation’s future he might not live long. Unfortunately, he didn’t reveal more info.

“He told me that he knew Tom and described him as a ‘messiah’ for Africa and Kenya. But what shocked me is when he said that despite that fact, he (Tom) was going to be killed,” he told the People Daily on Thursday.

Mboga says he tried to reach Mboya to relay information from the white man but he couldn’t make it. He was informed Mboya had travelled to Canada on official duty.

He later tried for the second time.

“I really wanted to tell him what the missionary had told me, but since we were in a crowded place, I could not and decided to keep it for a later date,” he added.

Tom Mboya was killed by Nahashon Njenga in Nairobi city centre. His death brought the country in standstill


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