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Advise to Kenyan journalists on these frequent retrenchments!

8-4-4 system trained many of us of importance to read and once done with school be employed and live a slave for ever.This is the worst idiocy i have ever come across. It has reduced people to mere puppets and nobody wants to think, it has made those in employment feel good, comfortable and as long as their bills are paid every month, people have refused to move out of their comfort zone. Funny enough, even those not in employment instead of thinking of how they can make it in life various different ways, you will meet someone in streets looking for a job year in year out and they believe for one to be successful he/she has to be employed. This is not true. In fact the vice versa is true.

I blame it on the people’s closed minds and stereotypical thoughts whereby they fear to reason and think!

Journalism is a career which is wide, journalist can work anywhere because every company needs PR,Customer service, communication etc.These are traits that each and every journalist is taught. This said, I would like to start on what journalists can do besides employment.Journalist are taught to highlight, report and tell stories. Any Journalist with a smart phone and still searching for a job is a nincompoop who fears thinking. Any Journalist especially in Kenya earning over 100,000Ksh and still thinking you have made it in life you are a big fool! Staying in comfort zone all thanks to monthly salary is idiocy of the highest level. Being in a media house as an employee should worry any right thinking journalist especially in this era of social media.

Mediamax email on meeting their employee and fire them next

Every journalist who has gone to media school and know the temerities of journalism should wake up and without fear start the journey of telling the stories he or she loves. I will say for those who cares to listen that Youtube is the biggest employer to journalists. All one need is pick up that smart phone, start recording what you love doing be it current news updates, interviews of prominent personalities and celebs, analysing politics, entertainment industry, football, telling us about your life I mean its all lot of content especially in Kenya that has not been told. Instead of wasting your time in doing updates on your timelines on social media that dont bring you money, do short videos update on Youtube daily, build your audience, monitize your channel and you will agree with me that employment is for lazy lot. I have seen people build their dream homes without loans all thanks to Youtube and facebook money. Create a network of people who you can help you grow your brand, of course the haters will not sleep after you start getting the dollars but just ignore them and soldier on.

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