Aisha Jumwa: BBI is for reluctant retirees

Malindi Member of Parliament(MP) Aisha Jumwa has hit at the Building Bridges Initiative(BBI) terming it a plot that will not benefit funds allocation to the grassroots.

She said that the BBI will add more burden on the common wananchi.

“Kama ni kutuongezea vyeo, kutuongezea mzigo, Punda amechoka,” said Jumwa.

(If it’s about more (electoral) positions, adding more burdens, the common citizen is tired)

A defiant Jumwa in charged mood lambasted leaders behind BBI, saying they have refused to retire.

She added: “Kawaambie wafanye watakalo, lakini kama ni kuongeza vyeo, sisi we will have the final say, na tutahakikisha ya kwamba hatubadilishi katiba kwa sababu ya watu wachache, si hata kabila, waliokataa kustaafu.”

This loosely translates to “Let them do whatever they want but if they want to change the constitution to benefit a few individuals who have refused to retire, we will have the final say.”

Jumwa was speaking in Kilifi County where he was accompanied with Deputy President William Ruto and Mp Ayub Mwashetani (Lunga Lunga)

Jumwa has recently been accused by her party ODM of failing to tow the line by being close to Ruto.

Her tough speak will likely spark fire in ODM’s camp this weekend as the two antagonistic pacts push for their ideologies

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