Alai ‘reveals’ how Imran Okoth was rigged in by ODM during Kibra’s Saturday nominations

Imran Okoth/Citizen Digital.

Renowned blogger Robert Alai has sought to explain how the ODM Party primaries held last Saturday were rigged in favour of Imran Okoth, the brother the late immediate former MP Ken Okoth.

Alai on his Facebook page on Monday, posted WhatsApp screenshots of how Imran was rigged in by the Raila Odinga-led party after he parted with millions of shillings.

MKN can, however, not independently verify the authenticity of the said screenshots. Below is Alai’s Facebook post followed by the screenshots.

“Remember that Raila went to prison because he wanted a just society but it’s in ODM where Raila doesn’t believe in democracy and bribery and riggings are the order of the day.

It’s in Raila’s strongholds where the loser is given the ticket after bribery.

We can’t do bad because others are doing it. We must be better. ODM must come out clean and tell us why they rigged Imran in and also clear the air on the sacking of Wafula Buke after he spoke out against kickbacks during the purchase of the new Orange House.
This is SAD!!”


Be the judge!

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