Analyst: Ndindi Nyoro is an established criminal with deep roots in mediocrity and pettiness

BESIEGED: Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro/Facebook.

Controversial and anti-Ruto Political activist Zack Kinuthia has weighed into the pending arrest of Kiharu youthful MP Ndindi Nyoro following a church scuffle with nominated MP Maina Kamanda on Sunday.

Kinuthia has termed Nyoro as ‘petty and childish’ and who has no respect for the law enforcers alleging that he punched a police officer during the church mêlée, the reason he is being sought by police.

Nyoro belongs to DP William Ruto’s Tangatanga Team while Kamanda is aligned to ant-Ruto Kitaeleweka Team.

Below are two Facebook posts by Zack Kinuthia who says he witnessed the whole drama first hand and why he thinks Nyoro is to blame for everything.

Latest post….

“I just left the Royal Media Services Offices off Dennis Pritt Road, and I had a Conversation with the Police Officer in charge of the Arrest awaiting Hon Ndindi Nyoro Kiharu MP.

Let me help you from the pint of Evidence, Truth and Information platform. Ndindi is not being arrested because he was involved in a scuffle in the church. No. The State is not interested by that. Though it should.

Ndindi Nyoro is being arrested for insulting a Police Officer in Gatui Village. He slapped, pushed and punched a Policeman. Ask the eye witnesses. The Police Officer has since recorded a Statement. Get that right, whether you like me or not, take this as the Truth, which is the only reason that Police will arrest him. Whether its today, tomorrow or another day, he will be arrested.

You don’t assault a Police Officer. It’s an assault against the State. It’s a Crime. All over the world. Scavengers like Hon. Alice Muthoni Wahome andIrungu Kangata who are putting politics in a clearly lawless matter, are simply earning, or trying to earn political credits. Shame on them!

This act of assaulting a Police Officer can’t be allowed to be. Police Officers are our parents. Our brothers. Our sisters. Our uncles. Our unties. Our nephews. Our nieces. They are our friends. Our colleagues. Our classmates. Our church mates. They are human.

Ndindi is an established Criminal with deep roots in mediocrity and pettiness. He should be arrested, and charged in court. If possible, Jailed and his Position in Assembly revoked by law. Small minds creating fuss out of nothing!”

Previous post…..

“On Ndindi Nyoro and Maina Kamanda led team,this is what I sayeth…..

This act inside and within the vicinity of the Gatui Catholic Church is MOST REGRETABLE, SILLY, UNCOUTH, PRIMITIVE and an ACT OF OUTRIGHT BARBARISM.

I am sorry that the NONSENSE happened at a time when I am alive, born in Fort Hall and has been orchestrated by two people who are born in Murang’a.

First, the women and children, and few men who had gone to that Church to seek the Lord, were highly desecrated. They have been served with Demonic Cup of Politicians Shenanigan.

Church is a place, not just of worship, but of GREAT REST where injured souls, hearts and unmanaged angers, judgments and black hearts are forgiven, renewed and remoulded.

To invade with NOISE, a place of such great rest for the rural folks, because of INTERESTS and GREED, is to be pigly. This is a new low. It doesn’t have to be that level. It’s getting out of hand my people. Nothing justifies this cause.

Whether Nyoro was right, wrong or simply childish, or his colleague in the National Assembly was, it doesn’t matter here. Inside church, is a holy place where hungry souls are fed. Naked bodies of spirits are clothed and Hope created. You can’t take that away from the poor. Take away their resources as you surely has. But don’t destroy their gods.

Stupid Politics. The Clergy is long dead. The Altars are long replaced. The Word is not any longer among men. Religion has Killed God. We are not in the end of times, we have brought the end before the times.

We stand cursed. Beginning with the Idiots in the Frontline. Who shall save the Universal Church of Christ, from Whence Shall the Saviour Cometh!”

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