Baboon attacks residents leaving behind a trail of destruction

A baboon. (Source/

Residents Lumakanda in Lugari sub-county, Kakamega County are in distress following several baboons attack in the area.

The primate invasion has been for a while now and the residents are in fear that food crisis might hit them hard very soon.

According to Fanice Wangila,a resident the animal is dangerous to people in the area as it even take children for food.

“The other day one of the animals tried to steal a neighbour’s baby. Fortunately, there were men around, who scared the animals away,”she noted.

The animal’s invasion has also seen some school children stay at home fearing to be attacked on their way to school.

“Even school-going children, especially girls are in trouble because the baboons appear to dislike them,”one of the villagers in the area stated.

The primates have also been targeting animals, particularly chicken and goats, causing huge losses to residents.

The residents are now calling on Kenya Wildlife Service officers to intervene and help them.

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