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Betty Bayo Hints at Marriage With Bae, Introduces Him to “Online In-laws”

Where there is smoke, there is fire, so they say. In so saying, maybe it’s not a rock we need to see on a finger, because word of mouth works too.

Celebrated gospel Betty Bayo has had many talking, speculating and concluding, myself included, on the turn her relationship is taking.

Betty feels almost ready to cuff it with her new boyfriend, and speak ‘married jargon.’

Finally…its has been 2yrs since we met each other and become good friends, what led there after no one can explain it. i had to take time to get to know you better. What really inspired me was how you fear God, respected me and the love you showed towards me and the kids.

According to Ms Betty, your partner’s past can tear two lovers apart, but this will not be a case for them, having it she knows al his Exs. She said he is her answered prayer.

Betty appreciates human flaws too, gracefully;

My LOVE I know you’re not perfect and that makes the two of us love.

Hinting at settling down with her boyfriend of two years, Betty ended the post,

Meet you online in-laws


New Catch

The vocal singer introduced the boyfriend for the first time, in late May this year.

She posted pictures of them, even though his face was covered and hiden with a heart emoji, and the hashtag read, ‘Mamayaoinlove

Respect a man who can heal a heart he didn’t break and a raise a child he didn’t make. Something cooking… Only Jesus can do this.

We wish them well!!


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