BIZARRE: Why this young couple’s wedding had to be sealed with snakes

Residents of Nakapyata village in Uganda witnessing the wedding of the bizarre couple. [Credit/Nation]
 9-year-old boy has tied the knot with his six year old girlfriend in a traditional wedding attended by parents, elders and village mates.

The bride and the groom who hails from Busoga and Buganda respectively were reportedly born with two teeth and as the tradition of both communities demands, their future marriage had to be decided by both parents when the boy and the girl were 3 years old and 3 months old in that following order.

The wedding was sealed with snakes, which are believed to protect the young couple and they were given a matrimonial hut where they are said to be enjoying their honeymoon.

The boy is a pupil at Bunyende Light Primary School and his teacher says that he is a mature, disciplined and composed boy who even advises her.

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