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Bodaboda operators in Embu Torch a School bus After it Allegedelly Hit and Killed A Rider.

It is common knowledge in Kenya of the tight Bodaboda cult, where you mess with one get the whole mob on your back. This is the case as Embu bodaboda riders gathered and torched a school bus following the death of one of their own. The incident that was a hit and kills, happened this morning at Embu. Many parents were left worried as they feared for their children’s livelihood wondering whether the same would have happened had there been people inside as the bus was torched.

The school bus that was found this morning while on fire was apparently tracked down by the angry mob that later set it ablaze. The efforts to bring down the fire were rendered unsuccessful as too much damage was done already.

The residents took to Twitter where most of them did not support the incident as they stated that man is to error and accidents do happen all the time. The lack of order in the city was indicated for others felt that the way the issue was handled was not fair at all.

The riders that were involved in the incident are yet to be apprehended and legal justice took. The police therefore will have an investigation done on the same. The drivers are however advised to be more careful and take responsibility in case of anything like that happening in the future. This is to improve safety and to also avoid rogue vigilantes taking matters into their own hands.


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