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Boom In Coffin and Hearse Business, Thanks to Covid-19 Pandemic

Funeral service providers have business booming. Coffin and hearse dealers have seen a rise in demand, and this they associate with the fatal Covid-19 pandemic.

Monday, 30, August found the Kenyan Covid-19 death toll at 4, 720, with 700 of them having succumbed in the last three months. A Citizen report indicated mortuaries in the country are mostly full to capacity, with 60% of the booked  bodies being of people who lost their lives to Covid-19, and majorly the Delta variant of the virus.

Coffin makers have pointed out, the rise in demand affects supply, which has them doubling their daily production to keep up with the orders. They also note it has been a high season in the business since  the outbreak, but even better since May 2021, with deaths rising, due to the Delta variant.

Mburu Ndambi, a General Cargo Funeral Home, Kiambu county carpenter, sited they would make 30 to 40 caskets per day, but the number now sits at over 100 coffins.

There is an increased demand for coffins, but we are not happy because it means people are dying. When I make one casket, I’m worried because the next one might be mine.

As a result, the government, through the Ministry of Health, has urged netizens to keenly adhere to the set covid-19 regulations and guidelines to hep curb the spread.

Stay Safe!

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