Breaking news…Kakamega Governor Oparanya elected chairman of council of governors.

By Magicalkenyanews reporter.

Today marked the end of ceremonial Governor Josphat Nanok tenure at COG.Nanok who was seen to be tough against the government, get cowed when governors met last year and devised a way to get him out of the seat.Since then,Nanok aligned himself with Ruto and became a boot licker who never raised any questions pertaining how govt was treating governors, releasing of money etc.

It must be known that the most vocal COG chairs Isaac Ruto and Peter Munya,wll lost their election due to handling stands they took against the government.Whether they lost through the ballot or rigging is a question for another day given the fact that after Peter Munya went to court over election of Kiraitu,he was advised to drop the case and later appointed as CS East Africa communities and later CS trade.

Isaac Ruto is jobless still only appearing in some few events organised at his home county.Now whether Oparanya will be as critical as Munya and Isaac Ruto its a wait and see.Congratulations Oparanya.

Below is his acceptance speech.


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