Cohen’s killers received Sh40,000, fresh details emerge

Tob Cohen/NMG

It has now emerged that plotters of Tob Cohen’s death received ksh 40000 via Mpesa as the down payment.

The Standard reveals that not less than four individuals were involved, among them a former husband to a current MP from Rift valley.

The murder was planned 3 months ago, after one person close to Cohen hinted that he(Cohen) wanted to break the links, something that would adversely affect the ‘relation’.

The MP’s ex-husband plotted the murder in an effort to help the relation ‘salvage the problem’.

Hurriedly, a group of assassins were sought from Nakuru and Nairobi, who then swung into action.

On the night of Cohen’s death, it is alleged both his hands and legs were bound together. Brutally, his neck also had a rope tied around.

Cohen’s body would later be discovered in a septic tank that was sealed with concrete, his body wrapped in layers of clothing.

“On the night he was murdered I talked to him for 15 minutes. He was very concerned about his life. If anything happened to him… If he was found dead anywhere, a close relation would be responsible,” said former Gatundu MP Patrick Muiruri as quoted by the Standard.

The police are currently in pursuit of the assassins.

The Director of Criminal Investigation, George Kinoti said that the murder of innocent Cohen was gruesome, after his body was discovered on Friday evening at his home in Kitisuru.

Cohen died aged 71 and was a golf lover, taking part in various golf tours in the country.

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