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Conjestina Achieng’ Burns Down Own House In Gem Yala, In Probable Hopelessness

I thought Sonko took her and decided to take care of her, what happened or it was all publicity?


This is the nature of responses and comments on social media, after legendary boxer Conjestina Achieng’ today, Friday 27, August, reportedly torched her house in Gem Yala, Siaya County, citing hopelessness.

Whatever this gal is undergoing pains a lot…she at one point represented Kenya, but our government is too reluctant to help out the situation…i feel sad and heartbroken.


The 43-year-old former WIBF Middleweight champion has been in and out of mental conditions and illnesses facilities, without much improvement on her condition. The first alarm was raised by the father, Clement Adalo, who in 2011 sent an appeal to Kenyans, seeking help with aiding treatment for the daughter, whose behaviour had proved abnormal.

Leave it to Kenyans,

When did spraying of blows after blows in the head that carries brains become a sport. Now see! Boxing is not a sport!


Pyromania Symptoms?

Today’s fire is not a first. Conjestina, as learned from the dad, had back then taken her son out of school, set ablaze all her boxing gear and thrown out all equipment from her gymnasium, one she had opened in 2009. She was then admitted at Mathari Hospital, specializing with mental heath care services, in Nairobi. She was to be later discharged.

There have been several previous efforts to rehabilitate Conjestina, but today’s incident clearly shows, there is so much more that needs to be done. Maybe a different approach this time?

More opinions and sentiments;


Conjestina Achieng’ boxing champion


Netizens React


Netizens React


Netizens React

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