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Corruption now Disguised as BBI, National Council of NGOs Says

National Council of Non-governmental organisations(NGOs) has given their report on graft matter in the country. The council which is established under section 23 of the NGO coordination ACT OF 1990(Kenyan Laws) now links corruption battle to Building Bridges Initiative(BBI).
According to the NGO council which is governed by rules, regulations and resolutions of the general assembly; as the sector continues to align its regulatory and policy framework to Uhuru’s Big Four Agenda, National Constitution and Sectional Medium Plans, it has to urgently comply with the regulatory provision of Various Acts of Parliament. The Acts of Parliament in questions are; Leadership and Integrity Act, 2002, Public Officer Ethics Act, 2003, National Social Security Fund Act, 2013 and many more.
The Council having closely looked on matters corruption, they concluded that the fight is no longer real but interwind with BBI politics. For them, despite President Uhuru Kenyatta’s utterance to diligently fight graft, Kirinyaga governor Ann Mumbi Waiguru saga proofs otherwise.
“We may not like to personalize issues pertaining the vice, but we could be happy to see justice done to all regardless the BBI supporters or opposers. Kenyans are not all young babies to be treated by a politician as if they don’t have heads to think for themselves by considering Waiguru impeachment which is an insult not only to Kirinyaga county but also to Kenyan people as a whole.” The NGO Council noted
Furthermore, the Council claimed Waiguru’s fate was concluded by senators and some politicians prior to it being taken to the senate. This is why they believe the BBI issue was tasked to governors who are loyal to the system simply because they are in a position to manipulate county financial systems.
“We had given the government time to serve the people, as our beloved president has been promising, but the time has now come, that we have to stand with the people for the current political circumstance is evident that nothing worthy praise is coming out of the parliament.” the council added
NGO Council urges the head of state to take action against perpetrators and sympathizers of graft more importantly on politicians drawn from both sides of the political divide.

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