Could Wendy Waeni’s crooked ex-manager Joe Mwangi have been exploiting her sexually? Kenyans have spoken!

Wendy Waeni and her former manager Joe Mwangi during a past appearance on KTN News.

Globally acclaimed teenage acrobat Wendy Waeni shocked many Kenyans when she gave a an emotional narration of how her former crooked manager Joe Mwangi swindled her to an extent of almost jeopardizing her young career.

Speaking on Citizen TV’s JKL on Wednesday, Wendy lamented that despite performing across the world, she and her family haven’t made a single penny out of it, something that she blamed on the crooked Mwangi.

“I have performed all over the world but I’ve never gotten a penny from it and that is because of my previous manager (Joe Mwangi). I live in a single room in Huruma with my mother,” said Waeni.

This is as she noted that her ex-manager also locked her out of all her social media accounts and sometimes made controversial adult posts which left many followers unimpressed and questioned her morals.

Wendy Waeni (second from left) when she appeared on JKL on Wednesday/Citizen Digital.

“It’s really so sad when people tell me I’m rude, I am a brat because I post things on Instagram which I don’t really know. I don’t have access to my social media accounts. It’s Joe Mwangi who controls them,” added Waeni.

The teenage gymnast and UNICEF Ambassador revealed that her mother currently sells sweets and cigarettes late at night in order to afford rent for their single room shack in Huruma.

“My mother is really suffering. She’s working right now (10 p.m). She sells sweets and cigarettes at night and we’re in this situation because of Joe Mwangi. Ever since I started performing across the globe, my mum has never gotten a single penny,” Waeni said.

Kenyans on social media have demanded the immediate arrest of popular teenage acrobat Wendy Waeni’s former manager over exploitation and possible sexual exploitation.

Here are some of the social media reactions:

Donald B Kipkorir
Wendy Waeni is a child & I trust her word … Joe Mwangi used her & her social media accounts to enrich himself … Joe exploited her innocence to get access to Presidents & powerful men … Joe Mwangi should be charged with international crimes of Child Slavery & Trafficking.

Duncan Ondimu, OGW
This is so criminal of Joe Mwangi. So sad what he has done to the little girl. He ought to pay heavily for what he has done.

Chris Kirwa
Wendy Waeni does not own her instagram account. It’s run by Joe Mwangi who posts things Wendy is not aware about. According to Wendy she has performed all over the world and not a single penny from it . This is very wrong at all levels.

Wendy’s mother is busy selling cigarettes and sweets at night,wendy sleeps in a single room while Joe Mwangi has been driving,eating and drinking around with this young kid’s money. Infact his properties should be auctioned tusaidie wendy. Going to court will take ages.

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