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Deputy William Ruto Advocates for Adoption, “Make orphanages empty”

The Deputy President has called Kenyans to take up child adoption, terming it a blessing.

He said that the children occupying children’s centers are not as many, yet many are are the families with empty spaces.

Because we have our children, some of them in children’s home, if you have an empty seat in your dinning, an extra bedroom please go to the children’s home and adopt an angel, it is a blessing.

The United Democratic Movement leader insisted on the teachings of the Holy Bible, that true worship is that of helping the orphans and widows.

Even politicians I know many of you who have empty bedrooms in your home, please let’s try and take these children and make orphanages empty. It is of great value.

Ruto seeks to set an example, revealing that not all the children in his home are biologically his, and hailed from orphanages and poor backgrounds.


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