‘Don’t Disregard Us Once We’ve Vote You In’ Kamba Lady Appeals To The DP Ruto

Deputy President today while at Kitui got a plea from a Kamba lady who asked him not to forget about the youth the moment he got into the government .

Assuring the Deputy president that they will vote for him , she said “We will give you the votes and you can take that to the bank .” Campaigning for William Ruto she asked women to go back home and tell their children where to cast their votes indicating that it was the way to eradicate the jobless situation among youths .

“Your excellency mine is a request, when we vote you in please give us ,youths an   opportunity to be leaders in your government and incase of job opportunities do not forget about us .

The passionate lady that spoke about the youth and the challenges facing them, talked about how a country with youths that had issues is a problematic country . “Na wewe tukikupatia kura usituruke hakuna kuturuka   tuko na wewe hapa .Kama kuna nafasi inapatiwa youths mtupatie .” Talking to the leaders that were around she defended mothers and parents that had brought up kids who were now jobless at home .

“Hawa wamama wako hapa wamechoka ,wametulea wakachoka .Na wametusomesha wakachoka it is now up to us tuwalee na hatutawalea kama hakuna kakitu mtujenge tulee hawa wamama “.The lady who is a youth representative in Kitui further stated that they had confidence in William Samoei Ruto as the next ideal president .

The outspoken lady indicating that the youths were the leaders of tomorrow asked William Ruto to create a  government that involved the youth . She further urged the Kamba leaders to step up and not be left out in the next government as has been the case in the previous governments for their community leaders

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