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Don’t miss these subtle signs you are in a loveless marriage

A relationship will always experience tough patches that might eventually deteriorate the peaceful sense of love and affection within a soulful union. This might be because both of you have shifted their perception of love.

In reality, nobody wants to be in a loveless marriage. Fortunately enough, below are the subtle signs of a loveless marriage that if you notice earlier you might have more chances of turning things around.

1. Your spouse starts to treat you like an obligation

When your spouse is enclosed in a bubble of love he/she will definitely make you the first priority in his/her life. When your relationship starts to hit the rocks, making the marital environment loveless he/she might stop treating you as a priority.

2. Your spouse reciprocates your feelings less often

A one-sided relationship isn’t satisfactory. If you happen to be giving your partner much more than he/she is giving you in return then you are probably stuck in a loveless relationship.

3. You or your spouse becomes egoistic

Ego will bite on your relationship, causing turmoil in your marriage life. If one of you is being driven by a giant ego then your relationship will suffer. Understandably, in a long term relationship, an egotistic person does not allow himself/herself to be caring and loving to his/her partner.

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