DP William Ruto’s Office Issues Statement After Fred Matiang’i Bombshell

Deputy President William Ruto’s office, has issued a statement following the bombshell by Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i earlier today, while appearing before the National Assemblies Security Committee.

The statement by the DP’s team on Wednesday, September 1, accused CS Matiang’i of abusing public resources and the power of his office to score political points.

“To underscore Matiang’is’ recklessness, many properties allocated to the Deputy President in his statement to Parliament are in fact not his. This false association with strange and fictitious properties is therefore unnecessary and malicious,” the statement read in part.

Ruto’s Communications Director David Mugonyi denied that the DP was the owner of some of the properties Matiang’i claimed were under tight security provided by the government. However, the DP’s team did not name which properties do not belong to Ruto that the Interior CS announced.

The deputy president’s office further claimed that some of the properties owned by the country’s number two did not have security guards assigned to them as tabled in Parliament.

Mugonyi castigated Matiang’i over what it termed as recklessness on the CS’s part for allocating security to what he described as strange properties not owned by Ruto.

He further called out Matiang’i for his remarks on the DP’s residence not being held in the same regard as State House or the state lodges.

“It is dishonest of Dr Matiang’i to compare offices from an obsolete constitutional and historical era, and which preexisted the Office of Deputy President, when it is elementary that the Office of the Deputy President is established by the 2010 Constitution,” the statement from DP’s team read.

Ruto’s office further noted that it was unfair to compare the number of security officers attached to the Deputy President compared to his predecessors .

“The Deputy President was not elected in August 2021. He has been serving since 2013. It is deceitful and fraudulent of Dr Matiang’i to wake up today and suddenly realize that the Deputy President’s residence is not a protected area and not entitled to GSU protection,” Mugonyi posed.

“This realization nine years after the fact, in the context of many other orchestrated political events, schemes and machinations against the Deputy President clearly indicate that Dr Matiang’i was acting in explicit pursuit of a malevolent political agenda,” he concluded.




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