Everything You Wanted To Know About A Sugar Baby

by Olage Martin

A sugar baby is a university lady who’s possession doesn’t allow her to attain the flashy lifestyle she desires. A sugar baby will have a wealthy companion who is older than her, well established with his pockets singing to the tune of richness.

It is from her wealthy companion that she’ll get the money she needs to sustain herself financially. The element of love is never present, as in most cases the relationship holding then together is nothing more than symbiotic.

Rules For A Sugar Baby

Sugar babies follow certain rules that prevent them from landing in a spot. The proceeding writings vividly indicate the rules for a sugar relationship.

1. Set boundaries

Sugar babies do hold conversation with their sugar daddies so that they can better understand how their relationship is to align. The boundaries they set may, in most cases, dictate the particular time that they should be talking.

2. Financial arrangement

A conversation is to be held to determine how exactly the bills are to be paid and after which period. A financial talk in this type of relationship is tailored to, specifically, help in avoiding future misunderstandings.

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