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EXCLUSIVE: How fired RMS HR boss has made the health status of a sales staff the talk of colleagues in the company

Less than 24 hours after we profiled the person of fired Royal Media Services Human Resource Director Rose Wanjohi, many RMS employees have flooded our WhatsApp and e-mail inboxes seeking to give their personal experiences with the former, inept head of personnel.

As it is said when it rains it falls and when the day of the monkey to die finally comes all trees get slippery, there is no doubt that Wanjohi’s die has not only been cast but Karma too has come calling to serve her with what she deserves. Her past is quickly catching up with her and only heavens know up to when this can go on because we will continue to brutally and boldy publish anything verifiable that comes our way about her.

That said, sometimes back this year, MKN has learnt, a sale staff at RMS missed office for a few months because of medical reasons which affected the staff’s sales downwards even though his/her overall performance was good. We will call the sales staff Xyz as we cannot reveal his/her real identity.

As a result, the disgraced madam boss lady demanded for medical records to ascertain that Xyz was indeed unwell during the said period. Xyz was, however, hesitant to comply with Rose’s demand pointing out that medical records is a private affair between him/her and the doctor. And so should it! Wanjohi would, nevertheless, insist that Xyz present the medical records at zero option.

Fired RMS HR director Rose Wanjohi/Courtesy.

First, according to email exchanges between Xyz and Wanjohi that we have in our possession, the HR boss wanted the staff to table the medical records at a hearing panel consisting of the staff’s bosses who were poached from the Nation Media Group not so long ago.

At RMS we are told they are called ‘Nation people’ or ‘Watu wa Nation’. By the way we hear they are giving salespersons under them very unnecessary pressure and demands. Well, Karma is a bitch! Don’t do to a brother or a sister that which you would not want done unto you. That is our only advice for now even as we ‘bury’ our beloved Rose.

Back to Xyz’s story. When Xyz told the ‘arrogant’ HR director that he/she was not comfortable with this panel bullshit, Wanjohi would then direct the staff to present the medical records to the company’s wellness manager (nurse) who is alleged to be Rose’s sister.

The nurse was to go through the records and confirm what Xyz had said was true or otherwise. But Xyz would still refuse this option because the company’s nurse is not his/her doctor. As such, Xyz would request Wanjohi to allow him/her to ask his/her doctor to write a letter indicating the days that he/she was under his/her care but Wanjohi would hear none of it. Not even providing Wanjohi with his/her doctor’s contacts would help lower the surging temperatures!

Xyz finally succumbed to the unreasonable HR’s demands and presented her/his sensitive and private medical records as directed. But that is not the issue. The issue is that Xyz’s health status is now the main talk at the Maalim Juma Road-based media company. His/Her sales colleagues at the AVU block within RMS, we are told, have found something to break time when boredom strikes. So bad!!!

Now, here remains the an unanswered QUESTIONS. Who revealed Xyz’s health status to a third party(ies)? Why was Wanjohi so insistent on having Xyz’s medical records even when there were other options available for her to prove that Xyz was not lying? Could Wanjohi have had preconceived malicious intentions against Xyz? And why are three senior sales colleagues against one long-serving RMS employee after this incident? Was the incident a smokescreen meant to sink Xyz’s decorated sales career spurning over a decade?

These questions can only be satisfactorily answered if the madam boss lady can be ordered to present herself before the Institute of Human Resources Management whom we wish and hope could first strip off her Licence for unprofessionalism, uncouth behaviour and ‘mehemehe’ at her workplace!!

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