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Fearless mother kills one of her daughter’s 3 rapists, leaves the other two fighting for dear lives

Nokubonga Qampi alias Lion Mama. [Credit/BBC]
A woman has won the hearts of millions of people after she fiercely attacked three men who she caught in action raping her daughter killing one while wounding the other two seriously.

By G. Daniel

Nokubonga Qampi from Eastern Cape, South Africa, who has now come to be known as the ‘Lion Mama’ was, however, charged with murder shortly, but after a huge public outcry the prosecution was halted, and she was able to focus her efforts on her daughter’s recovery.

Nokubonga speaking to the BBC after the dropping of her murder charges, says it was at the middle of the night when a phone call woke her from sleep.

The girl at the other end of the line was just 500m away told Nokubonga that her daughter, Siphokazi, was being raped by three men they all knew well.

Nokubonga’s first response was to call the police, but there was no answer. With the police unreachable, she now knew she was the only person that could help.

“I was scared, but then I was forced to go because it was my daughter. I was thinking that when I get there, she might be dead… Because she knew the perpetrators, and because they knew her and knew she knows them, they might think they had to kill her so she couldn’t report them,” Nokubonga says as quoted by the BBC.

So the distraught mother decides to go to her kitchen where she picks a knife.

“I took it for me, for walking the distance between here and where the incident was taking place, because it is not safe. It was dark and I had to use the torch on my phone to light the way,” she adds.

As she approached the house, Nokubonga says she heard her daughter’s screams and on entering the bedroom, the light from her phone enabled her to make out the awful sight of her daughter being raped.

“I was scared… I just stood by the door and asked what they were doing. When they saw it was me, they came charging towards me, that’s when I thought that I needed to defend myself, it was an automatic reaction,” Nokubonga says without going into details about what transpired next.

Siphokazi had reportedly gone to visit her friends in a group of four small houses in the same village but had been left alone, asleep, when her friends went out at 01:30am after which the three rapists who had been drinking in one of the other houses attacked her.

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