Forgive me, I lost my temper…Gospel Artist Kasolo apologizes

Gospel Musician Stephen Kasolo has come out to apologize for loosing his temper and hurling insults at fellow musician Fortune Mwikali.

“Pole kwa yale niliongea kawa sababu niliongea kwa Uchungu , na leo hii mtu akitukana nyanyangu, she is my everything, she gave birth to my mum, and when anyone  insults my family I have to blow,” said Kasolo.

He went ahead to say he had forgiven Fortune Mwikali and he didn’t have any problem with her and was praying that his grandmother forgives her for all the lies she spread.

“I am a person who forgives easily, I forgive her from the bottom of my heart because she was like my child and everywhere I went with her she had to perform before I took the stage,” he emphasized.

He also asked her to go and repent for what she alleged because was a lie adding that those who knew him knew he was a man of God.

“My only weakness is I have pride and when I am rattled I tend to speak in anger and that’s why am asking for your forgiveness,” pleaded Kasolo.

He also went ahead to say that he has been suffering from anger management since he was a child bit he was now learning to control it.

In a recorded video posted on his Facebook page, Kasolo made fun of how Kenyans had insulted him on Facebook adding that he had no problems with anyone.

He lashed at bloggers saying that they finally had something to write about and have something for their children and families.

“By the way I will never change, Kasolo will remain Kasolo and those who wanted to fight my ministry by the way just know that Kasolo is big, a deep river!” he added.

He however urged Kenyans to stop insulting him on Facebook which he had threatened to close down after he was overwhelmed.

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