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Former Machachari Actor Govi Discloses He Had To Sell Masks To Survive During Covid

Speaking to content creator Eve Mungai ,former Machachari actor Malik Lemuel, better known as Govi, has opened up on life after  exiting the show. He said he opted to walk out of the show in 2019.

The actor felt exhausted, having been in the show from 2008 when he was eight years old. “The main reason why I walked away was that I was exhausted. Punda pia huchoka (even a donkey gets tired).

He reveals that his life actually began after quitting the show that is after finishing Secondary School ,for he now had time for himself and could focus on what he wanted to achieve.

However, Govi admitted that after leaving the show, things were not a walk in the park. “Staying at home was not easy. Maisha ilinichapa for some time kukaa tu matai bila kitu ya kufanya ilikua tricky ” , he disclosed .

“First, I stopped receiving many calls as I usually did. I used to get some money but it also dried up. Then, I stumbled on mental health, I was even afraid of leaving the house and had no idea what to do next,” he admitted. 

“Ilifika point fulani niliuza masks ile time ya covid ,zinaingia kutoka majuu tunauza kiwhole sale ‘he disclosed . He further talked on how he ventured in production with his mothers help who doubles up as his manager .

Govi talked on how struggles at some point made him push further “Sometimes unaangalia unasema hapana sezi taka kurudi mahali nilikua . Kenyan industry iko na doo ni ile wengine wanataka kukeep it to themselves , kila mtu ako na ability yake anzia tu hapo chini time yako ikifika utafika .

When asked whether he is in a relationship Govi disclosed that he loves to keep his love live secret and sacred indicating that not everyone on social media was happy to see others happy. He further talked about how he had a girlfriend before and she didn’t go well with the life of fame and so things never worked  for them .

He however added that he respected women since they are the backbone of the family .




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