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Francis Ole Kaparo Endorses Raila For 2022 President, Says He Knows Him Very Well

Former Speaker Francis Ole Kaparo has endorsed Orange Democratic Movement leader Raila Odinga for president come the 2022 general elections.

He lashed out at political leaders suggesting that Raila’s motive for the Maa community is ill, terming them as people thriving on lies.

The former speaker, in his endorsement speech said in his first service in 1993, he had closely worked worked with Raila and his late father, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga.

I served as Raila’s prefect when I was the National Assembly speaker. So this is someone I know so well

It was during an Azimio La Umoja, Maa edition held in Ongata Rongai on Monday, September, 13, that Kaparo spoke.

I am attending this meeting because I want to support Raila. I am not a member of ODM nor Jubilee. I don’t have a party, but I have a vote and a voice. I am influential. I am here to use my capacity to support Raila, so anyone who feels aggrieved by this should leave me alone.

He lashed out at a section of political officials who made false promises to the Maa people, in the previous elections campaigns.

There are some people we supported last time. They lied to us that they were going to form government of pastoralists. They forgot about the pastoralists immediately after they were elected. So, as a community, let us be clever, let us not fall victim to this kind of lies.

He advised peace amongst his people.

I want to tell members of the Maa community to live harmoniously with other communities. If you value land, then stop selling it. If you decide to sell your land, then be prepared to live with all those who have bought those pieces of land because they bought it and are Kenyans.

Raila meets delegates during Azimio La Umoja, Maa Edition in Rongai, September, 13.

Azimio La Umoja, Maa Edition

On Monday, September 13, the ODM leader met Laikipia, Samburu, Kajiado and Narok delegates in Ongata Rongai, promising to protect their interests and land, if elected president.

In unison, the Maa community has thrown their weight behind the Azimio La Umoja aspiration and has added pertinent issues dear to them to the list of things we intend to fix moving on. I thank them for the warm welcome today.

It was time, according to the former prime minister, that the Maa community problems were dealt with permanently.

They underscore the more reason we need to come together on one table, listen to each other and chart a way forward as one people. We must strengthen both formal school among pastoralist communities as a means of increasing access to education.

The delegates were on board, buying Raila’s ideas, and were confident he would take the presidency, come 2022.

They will ray behind him, singing and dancing to his tune, they vowed.

Raila and Francis Ole Kaparo, during Azimio La Umoja, Maa Edition in Rongai, September, 13.

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