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God wonders…Cow gives Birth to triplet in Kiambu

People from  all walks of lives are streaming in large numbers in the home of Kenneth Mbaya in Gathigi  village after one of his cow gave birth to triplets in normal delivery 10 days before the due day.

According to the owner of this cow, he named it Mandela after it  showed some visionary characteristics has been producing 28 liters of milk in its first calving saying he expect much more  in this lactation period.

Susan kamau a livestock expert attached to Fresha dairy says it’s not normal for deliveries but this can happen biologically if the animal has been well brought up through proper feeding.

Jacinta Nduta says they will keep the calves as she continue welcoming visitors from far and wide in her home, adding that even experts from Kenya Animal Genetic Resources Center have said they will study the traits of the calves as their part of research.

One of the villagers Margret Wanjiru who had visited the homestead to witness urged the government through the livestock department to give for free similar semen’s  to farmers around the village.

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