Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman

Kenyans have come out to condemn a video doing rounds in social showing a couple engaged in a domestic argument in front of their children.

The video was recorded by an unidentified man while his wife hurled unprintable words at him for cheating on her and even discussing her with his side kick.

In the video, two children are seen preparing to go to school and a girl aged about 12 is seated between the shouting mother and the father who remains unperturbed recording the angry wife.

The wife dared the man to bring the alleged girlfriend identified as Mumbi to the house and evict her  he was man enough  asking him to tell her to give him children like she had, if she was woman enough too.

The man is then heard telling the young girl to listen to her mum while referring her as the devil while the daughter is heard accusing them mum of stealing.

Kenyans took to social media to castigate the mother for using such words in front of the children who remained silent as she spit her venom.

A whole bunch however defended her saying the video clearly showed a woman who had had enough of disrespect, abuse and neglect from her husband and the man had provoked her.


Another group accused them man for not protecting his children form the ugly exchange but instead recorded the video and shared it to the public without thinking of the well being of the children.


However, they all seemed to agree this was a toxic environment which is sadly a replica of what happens in most homes in the country.

That It was irresponsible of both parents for the mother to use such vulgar language infront of children he should be mentoring and for the man to even have the audacity to record this not to mention he had no iota of remorse from the accusations.

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