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Here are the fresh newsroom hygiene measures new Standard Group Editorial boss has introduced

Ochieng Rapuro/Nairobi News.

The Standard Group Limited new Editor-in-Chief Ochieng’ Rapuro has embarked on a raft of ‘transformative’ measures dubbed ‘newsroom hygiene’ which he says are meant to strengthen “our journalism and reclaim our position in the market as an independent and bold media house.”

Some of the measures the new editorial boss has taken include banning of invitation of individual journalists by news sources saying that such invitations shall be made to the editors who shall have the prerogative to appoint journalists to attend the event in question, an internal memo sent to the editorial staff reads in parts.

Journalists working for the media group have also been ordered to keep an ‘arms-length’ distance from news sources and avoid the brown envelope which Rapuro says has affected the integrity of the media house badly.

Finally, personal gifts given to Standard journalists by new sources will from henceforth be surrendered to the needy and children’s home, Rapuro has ordered.

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