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How a looting cartel & dysfunctional HR Team have thrown RMS into a financial distress

As the fight against government corruption seems to gain momentum, the little talked about corporate corruption is gaining roots at the epicenter of Kenyan blue chip companies.

Massive looting of various companies’ resources by a chain of top employees is slowly but surely becoming the order of the day.

A case in point is SK Macharia’s Royal Media Services which despite huge advertising revenues amounting to hundreds of millions per month, MKN has learnt, the company is struggling for survival courtesy of a deeply rooted cartel.

“The company is literally on its knees financially and the deeply entrenched cartel which extends to the nerve centre of RMS administration is still milking the company dry. Every month millions of shillings are being swindled right, left and centre with full knowledge of the top administration that involves the HR team, accounts and programmes departments,” a source whom we cannot name due to the sensitivity of the matter told MKN on Tuesday.

The source adds: “The old man SK Macharia seems unaware of the heightened thuggery taking place in his media company. Last month employees had to be paid using Shabiki cash as RMS is currently in a cash crunch thanks to the cartel. Much of the money is swindled via the company’s ghost employees that are over 100.”

We have also learnt that salary delays has now become a norm at the company. Before, employees would have their monthly pay wired by 24th of every month but these days, it going to the next month without pay as the management scavenges for funds which is being plundered anyhow.

Also, employees at the company have gone for a number of years without salary increments despite increasing cost of living compounded by inflation and attempts to have HR Rose Wanjohi look into the matter has often been met by fire and fury as employees are told there is no money to cater for increments. This has made many leave the company to greener pastures, if economy is dynamic yet people are receiving static salaries they are left with the option of quitting. What kind of an HR who doesn’t see the need to add employees salaries five years on at least to mitigate the inflation?But then we are told that she (Rose) has employed her sister as a nurse with Zero JD and earning huge salary doing nothing!Isnt this a reason she doesn’t care of other employees?

“The salary increment is only effected for few selected guys who threaten to leave the media house for greener pastures,” the source adds.


Last month a HR personnel identified as Sheila was at the centre of a storm after she exposed Wanjohi as the ‘mastermind’ of the grand-theft currently taking place at RMS.

“When Rose found out that something was cooking, Sheila was given compulsory leave as Rose prepared to sack her so that she doesn’t spill the beans. Sheila would, however, get wind about her imminent firing from her colleagues who saw her sacking letter at Rose’s office.”

“She opted to resign before Rose could act. She had, however, let the cat out of the bag already. The ghost workers scandal used to cost the company over 20M monthly!Thugs are really diarrheaing here because they don’t know what will happen next,” the source says.


Apart from the looting mafia, the current financial crisis at RMS, the source says, has also been brought by the ‘massive’ poaching of talents in the past one year with very high packages by the editorial department.

“Since Farida Karoney joined the government, the Editorial leadership made of Joe Ageyo and Linus Kaikai has been in an employing spree. It’s like Kaikai and Joe are competing on who brings more on board. They want to bring everybody in the media industry at RMS,” the source says.

The poached talents, according to our sources, are oftenly heard bragging of how they are well paid and even showered with entertainment allowances as the company continues to stagger financially.

Media critics have oftenly wondered what value the expensively poached staffs have added to the media house. They include the likes of Joe Ageyo, Jamila Mohamed, Asha Mwilu among others. For instance, Kaikai who oversaw the crumbling of Nation Media Group Broadcast Division,closing QTV,QFM,Nation radio among others, sacked many employees, he is perceived as ‘damaged goods’.I mean how can a known failure be poached by a strong organisation like RMS?Joe Ageyo was heading KTN Home,KTN News and the two stations have never come close to Citizen TV and Inooro TV ratings,While us Kakai leading NTV always came last.Infact the ratings show he left NTV which was coming fifth then behind Inooro TV which is now second most preferred station after the leading Citizen TV. However the ratings of the said stations has started dwindling after the two duos took over and concentrated in poaching Editors and other big positions which are not bringing anything to the newsroom.

All the departmental heads had been given two months by Gathoni Macharia to cut down on their respective departments costs but nothing has been done yet, our source reveals. The two month ultimatum ends this July 31.

We will be exposing more of these scandals including the insurance policy of the employees where someone is pocketing over 8M monthly and yet they can’t increase salaries of employees!Our sources tells us that some drivers were forced to hire houses in slums as the rent in places they had hired was increased by landlords year in year out yet at RMS they couldn’t get even a 1k increment.The rent became more than the monthly pay hence the shifting!Very sad yet HR is pocketing Millions monthly in corrupt dealings.

You have a story that you would like exposed?Write to us at Magicalkenyantv@gmail.com.Lets expose the rot in our country.Its us who will make this country greatn.Dont be silent as the evil prevails.

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