How newly invented Apostle Ng’ang’a’s ‘Mathogothanio’ Theorem apply on chaotic Kenyan roads

A Kenyan road in total disarray/Eric Ng’eno.

‘Mathogothanio’ is a Kikuyu word meaning chaos or can be used to describe a chaotic situation. It is derived from controversial Neno Evangelism founder Apostle James Maina Ng’ang’a’s recent equally controversial preachings.

That said the ‘Mathogothanio’ Theorem, according to Eric Ng’eno, helps us to predict and measure diabolical chaos. It uses 4 variables being:

Mathogothanio (M) = People of labbish (L)+ People of allogant (A) – People of Mazematik (m). These are expressed as percentages.

M= (L+A)-m

As you can see, the more the L and A, the more hopeless sensible citizens become. As we speak matatu crew are on the verge of blows with a senior LA who’s overlapping beyond tolerable levels.

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