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How to deal with emotional baggage in marriage

With emotional pain comes emotional baggage. Emotional pain  comprises of the negative events of life that we carry with us from our past relationships. In a nutshell, both parties bring emotional baggage, either more or less into a new relationship. Your past emotion baggage will define and bring you down.

The following are tips on how to deal with your spouse’s
emotional baggage in the marriage

1. Take your spouse’s overreaction less personally

Those in healthy relationships will tell you that emotional baggage isn’t easily avoidable in a relationship, however taking your spouse overly emotional behavior less personally will help in dealing with emotional baggage in your marriage.

2. Stay calm

To avoid feeling emotionally insecure in a relationship, avoid fighting back in the event your significant other lashes out at you unexpectedly. If you notice your forever flame is reacting because of the pain of past experiences in his/her mind then better not react

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