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How to keep him obsessed with you

We enter a marriage with the highest goal of achieving true love.  True loves come with an element of a magnificent obsession. It is the obsession part of true love that keeps us so much involved in our partner’s life. If an obsession cuts across the two partners it might be seen to go a long way in creating a foundation of emotional intimacy and true love.

Below are secret obsessions of men that you can use to bend their motivation towards deeply committed love.

1. Money

The man thinks of money as a tool that can help him achieve security, attraction, respect and social status. As a wife you should have noticed that husband is more obsessed with money than with you.

2.  Social status

A man likes when other people evaluations to him are positive. He wishes that other people make a constant appraisal of how superior he is.

3. Career

Despite the family culture shifting over time, men still take the role of a breadwinner and they remain to make an effort of fulfilling this role through their jobs or business.

To get your man obsessed in your, try help him achieve the listed obsessions above much easier.

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