Hussein Mohamed resigns from CitizenTV (RMS)!

To many it may be a surprise but to those who work at the media house know that RMS is no longer the dream place for many journalists any longer. It is the worst environment ever to work in. Our reporter visited the place to ascertain some few issues raised by the employees and its really sad. Indeed the Phrase  ‘Kwa ground mambo iko different’ perfectly defines RMS working environment.

Few years ago, RMS was the in thing to many journalists, Salaries used to be paid in time.This changed and now it has been  wait and wait and then wait. The welfare of the employees has been neglected thanks to clueless, idiotic, corrupt and boastful HR who thinks she owns the company. She has literally changed the once a giant media house into a Kibanda kind of. MKN has been reliably informed that some years back, employees were given free food and drinks during Holidays, this has been scrapped and now the money goes to the pockets of few corrupt cartels at the stations. Few years ago, there was free tea but today there is none, the insider tells us that after we exposed the corrupt cartel, they made hasty decisions to bring in a canteen that looks like a toilet and now all the staff members are forced  be taking their breakfast there, a place that can’t accommodate over ten people. The situation was so dire before we exposed the cartels as the employees were forced to be scavenging for foods along Dennis Pritt streets as there was nowhere to get food. It must be known that Nation Media, Standard Media actually do pay a fraction of amount to their employees food, but RMS doesn’t care.

To make matters worse, some toilets at the station are specially meant for some few cartels who think that they shit Gold. The management at RMS is poorly done in such a way that you would think you are dreaming. A place where every time the cartels lack money, they invent a thing or two to milk the owners, a case in point is constructions at the station that never ends. It’s a place to steal in pretence of constructing.

So Hussein Mohamed resignation to us its long overdue.In fact its only jokers who take the station serious. Its led by jokers were poached from different media houses to bring their failures to the station and they are perfectly working towards its downfall. Hussein took to twitter to announce his resignation…He wrote “It has been a wonderful 10 years at Citizen TV. I have enjoyed & relished every moment I shared with my colleagues at RMS. I have decided to take a break after October In Sha Allah to concentrate on other matters. Loved the fans, the critics & everything in between. See you soon.”

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