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Important Life Lessons to Learn From Corona Virus Outbreak- Sam Vidambu

It began as a normal epidemic. Little did anybody know it would become a global pandemic. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the city of Wuhan in China late last year nobody in Kenya thought that a time would come when Corona would be the only news in our media outlets.

The first confirmed case was reported by CS Kagwe then third then eighth then sixteenth…. The president came out boldly and spelt out a number of measures his government was undertaking to try and contain the virus. Some included closing down schools and universities, churches, limited traveling, staying at home, etc.

We are at war. Yes we are. We are a war with an enemy. An enemy never seen before. A monstrous enemy. We will win. We will defeat the enemy.

After all is said and done, lessons should always be drawn from any circumstance no matter how good or bad.
What can we learn from this outbreak? Especially students, parents and teachers?

Here are important life lessons students, parents, teachers and any other successful citizen can learn from Covid-19 outbreak…..

1. *Success Loves Preparation*.

The Latin phrase for ‘Success Loves Preparation’ is ‘Amat Victoria Curam’. Questions. Hey Student, which is the best time to study? Is it during the exam, before the exam or after the exam? Hey Parent, which is the best time to save Money? Is it during Corona Virus outbreak? Before Corona or after outbreak? Teacher, which Is the best time to clear syllabus? Term three or term? Success loves preparation.

Sunday 15th, March 2020 is a day I can’t forget. I had taken my flight from Nairobi (where our offices are) to Eldoret and so I reached Eldoret at around 4 PM. On Monday 16th I was supposed to launch our academic program to three schools in Bungoma county. I had to pick a _Wasili_ from Eldoret to Bungoma town where I would spend my night.

No sooner had I reached at Webuye town than I started receiving calls from Principals of high schools, “Sam, are you watching TV? Have you heard the news? What can we do Sam? What should we do now that the students should go home by Wednesday yet syllabus coverage is still far?” Remember I had not even heard the news yet. The news came to me as a shock just like they were shocked.

They were shocked because of two things. Panic and fear. They panicked because they didn’t plan for this and they feared because they don’t know what lies ahead. All this because they were not prepared. Success loves preparation. During winter some people end up dying of cold while others are smiling on the skiing boards, right now some people are busy fighting lockdowns while others are saying ‘bring it on’, some schools were complaining about the schools closure while others were very okay, what was the difference? Preparation for success. Of course nobody knew that this would come but preparation is important. It’s not about prediction of problems, it’s about preparation for success.

The decision makers made big decisions e.g reducing the syllabus coverage within three days i.e Sunday evening and Wednesday morning. (Not all would agree with this big move) but all will agree that during desperate times then desperate measures always be employed. Inabidi.
Most had prepared to finish syllabus in May. But now the big question was, ‘When will we be told to go back to school?’ Moment of Uncertainty.

For the students, this is a wake up call. Avoid procrastination. What if this pandemic came in late second term or early third term? (God forbid). The only time you have is now. Prepare for success now. Tomorrow is never guaranteed.

2. *Health is Wealth*.

What the world is facing today is not just a healthcare crisis but also a financial crisis. Why is it that CS of Health and Governor of CBK deliver addresses every day? Why? Because your Health is your first Wealth. They go hand in hand. All of a sudden we see how life is really small. Nothing else to care about except breathing. The jobs, the travelling, the fun, the lifestyle, the habits, the greetings, the love, nothing matters more than breathing. We can now see the value of life. The students who want to become doctors can now see how big hearted they should be to pursue the course. Don’t just say I want to do medicine. Do you have what it takes to be a doctor? Everybody is working from home right now except doctors. Risking their lives for our health. It’s right time the governments reconsider how they pay actors, athletes, comedians and start considering how they pay doctors and researchers. They deserve more, don’t they?

3. *Is it forced parenting*?

Parents can’t send their kids to Nairobi anymore, funny eeh? Infact it’s the other way round, it’s the uncles who are now vacating Nairobi for the villages. Kazi kubwa. Parents, we’ve been reminded our roles pertaining to the well being of our kids for so long. Let us not be irresponsible. It’s the right time to be with your kid at home because you’re working from home, no church, no schools. No pastor, no teacher. Parent, you’re now the teacher, the pastor and the parent, all at the same time. This should tell you something parent. These three have been your roles since the kid was born. It’s right time that you decide what your kid should become, don’t let the world decide for you. It’s family time now.

For the daddies, your girl in form two should not get pregnant like the elder one. Talk to your girl. Tell her you love her. Your girl should not hear ‘I love you’ for the first time in the streets. Because it comes out as love but in real sense it’s LUST.

Daddy, it’s not quarantine, Mammy, you’re not under a lockdown, it’s family time. And remember, in the middle of your family there is God. Corona outbreak is not God’s punishment for our sins because Jesus Christ already died on the cross for our sins.

Corona outbreak is time for us to seat down as a family and reconsider our options. For the sons and daughters in schools how do you excel? For the mammy, how do you become a better mom? For the papa how do you become a better daddy? Yes the hospitality industry is making loses, the airlines are making trillions of losses, safaricom is gonna make Billions of losses in three months, hotels are suffering, people are laid off, that’s the real definition of pandemic but the family will not suffer. Amen.

So long as the family is intact all these shall pass. I promise you son, brother, uncle, sister, father, mother, daughter, aunt, granny, that we shall get on the other side. If you’re a principal then next time you’ll be prepared better. If you’re a father next time we will save well. If you’re a teacher then the syllabus will be done early. You my brother, next time you’ll not be caught off guard as you’ll be prepared financially. You’re blessed. You won’t loose, you will win.

Corona too, shall pass- Sam Vidambu.

A high school perspective. (parents, students and successful citizens.)

By *Sam Vidambu*, CPA

Sam Vidambu is The CEO of Ambigen Ltd, He’s the President of Global Mentorship Program, He’s The Brain Child of *Sam Vidambu Foundation*, an organisation that supports post high school youths who didn’t attain marks to join higher education by helping them gain skills. He’s an author, an accountant by profession, a youth leader, a keynote speaker, a trainer, and high performance coach. To get in touch with Vidambu to train your Principals, Corporate Boards, Teachers, Youth Groups or Students, kindly call 0743480435.

Visit His Website: https://samvidambu.com/

Photos of Sam Vidambu in his mentorship programmes.

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