Is Mt Kenya TV in a financial meltdown?

When Mt Kenya TV was launched 25 days ago. [CREDIT/Wambui Murimi]
It was all pomp and colour when the new kid in the block of vernacular TV broadcasting was launched officially less than a month ago.


Ahead of the launch, however, the TV station had flexed its financial muscle courtesy of its owner Andrew Ngirichi who is said to be a billionaire businessman and husband to Kirinyaga Woman Rep Purity Ngirichi.

This ‘financial muscle’ enabled the new start-up to poach the who-is-whos in the Kikuyu media platforms with a promise of huge perks that ranged from dressing allowances to insurance packages. As a result, there was a hysterical migration of talents to the new station from established competitors like Inooro and Kameme TVs.

But as it is often said, ‘When the deal is too good, think twice’, things are not all that rosy at the new establishment. Our bird who is privy with the going-ons at Mt Kenya TV, tells us that many of the poached staffs have not been paid for the past two months while others have only been paid half their salaries.

“I really don’t know what those Inooro TV presenters and reporters saw on this TV that made them resign from their respective positions, they are really getting it rough here,I wish I knew is written all over their faces” Our mole says.

Macharia Gachuru the Head of News Mt Kenya TV and his Deputy Monica Kagoni few days before the Launch of the cash strained Tv station.

“The Medical insurance cover and the grooming allowances they were promised have not been forthcoming. Many are actually hustling as they look for opportunities elsewhere since they cannot return to where they were poached from. They are really in messy shit,” the bird says.


The good bird has also intimated to us that there was a crisis meeting few days ago where the staffs were promised to be paid all their dues in full. Whether this was a tactic to buy more time to avoid a crisis courtesy of the already unmotivated talents, only time can tell!

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