Is Mwendatu Radio undergoing a financial crisis?

Mwendantu radio is literally on its death bed.

The radio suffers understaffing a day after resignation of  three of its presenters.

The station is now left out with an option of accommodating unprofessional jokers in the name of comedians to occupy the vacant positions. So dire is the situation that the evening drive has no one to take care of it.MKN can comfortably report that the management have taken the joke too far as this was a station expected to give the older stations a run for their money.To think that its headed by experienced Journalists and yet being run like a kiosk beats us.How do trained journalists go for mere form four leavers just to pay them peanuts and pockets the salaries that was aimed for the professional presenters?Who will listen to comedians all day long while other stations have serious issues being handled?Its high time  VC Njoka takes over the mantle and help revive the already dead station which can be saved now or never.


Out of six presenters left at the station , only  two are professional journalists, the rest are four comedians with one comedian who acts as Ngothi the Mzee in the morning breakfast show, forced to host the reggae show with a payment of 10k. This shows how inempt the leadership is led by Gitonga and Kendi both of whom worked at KBC and RMS respectively but now running a station like a public toilet.


The remaining three comedians who get no pay from the station are in charge of the evening drive . Whether the station is broke or may be this is deliberate remains a mystery that we will soon unearth. Our advise to Mwendatu radio management is “If you want results , always look at your staff welfare and treat them well. Salary is not a favour but a payment for work done.Taking comedians wont help you and you better invest in professional services or else you will remain a useless station with no listenership.

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