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Is your spouse cheating – Signs your spouse is having an affair

Do you think your spouse is engaging in extramarital affair? Do you find it difficult to prove? When your partner is engaging in extramarital affair he/she will always leave evidence of unfaithfulness and infidelity.

Here are some suspicious and subtle signs your spouse is having an affair.

1. Your spouse is paying special attention to his/her appearance

If in your presence he/she doesn’t see the need of upgrading his/her fashion or applying makeup, then all of a sudden your spouse starts showing up in latest designer wears with a touch of make up present then it might mean he /she is trying to attract someone else. If your partner is cheating he/she will be more interested in his/her looks.

2. He/she starts to attack you for inconsequential things

A cheating spouse, in most cases, will demand space that he/she never needed before. If not given the desired space he/she might end up berating you for all kind of things that he/she never cared about before.

3. Your spouse is losing interest in you

If your forever flame starts cheating on you, the thought of his/her newest date will make him/her to start losing interest on you.

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