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Kenya Airways plane forced to abort take-off after false bomb scare now airborne to Johannesburg


A Kenya Airways plane headed to Johannesburg has been cleared to take off from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) after a false bomb scare on Wednesday evening led the plane to abort its earlier scheduled flight.

Kenya Airways through a statement to newsrooms has said that passengers have been processed and the plane, Flight KQ 762, cleared for take-off.

“The diverted flights have also now been cleared to land at JKIA as the temporary shutdown has been lifted,” reads the statement.

According to Citizen Digital, commotion was witnessed in the airport when a man allegedly raised a false alarm in the Johannesburg-bound plane.

It was alleged that the passenger mentioned the word ‘bomb’ during an argument with one of the flight attendants, causing a scare in the plane which was getting ready for take-off (1930hrs).

The suspect has since been handed to the Anti-Terror Police Unit for further interrogation.

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