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Kidnappers demand Sh 150 million to return Cuban doctors.

Kidnappers are now demanding Sh 150 million to return the two Cuban doctors that were abducted since April 12 at working station.

The Community elders met with the people holding the two doctors in an area between Buale and El-Ade in Jubaland region of Somalia. The elders have confirmed that the two doctors alive.

The two doctors; Dr Herera Correa, a general practitioner and Dr Landy Rodriguez,a surgeon are both alive and are  administering treatment in the region where they are held but there movement are restricted, the Community Elder confirmed.

The two doctors are of the 100 Cuban doctors who were brought to Kenya to share their expertise. So far the intelligence report indicates that the Doctors are likely to have been taken by a group of bandits who later was handed over to Al Shabaab militant who are now demanding Sh 150 million.

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