Kujeni muniue pia, killer dares the police as fresh details into South B murder emerge

A secured police line [Source/Twitter/DCIkenya]
A secured police line [Source/Twitter/DCIkenya]
It has been revealed that the attacker behind the death of a 73 year old Judith Mwai, together with her daughter Catherine Mwai dared the police over a phone call to come and arrest her.

“I have murdered, now come and kill me!”,she told the police on duty (“Nimeua,sasa kujeni unique”.)

The caller disclosed to the South C Police Station that she was located in South B in a short call conversation that lasted about 1 minute and 10 seconds.

It has also been revealed that the assailant used the deceased elderly woman’s phone.

The matter was reported by the woman’s sister who has since also been queried by the police even as it is suspected that the deceased were strangled.

Reports indicate that the slain’s woman body was found on her bed, while the daughter’s was found lying on the floor, both with sisal ropes around the necks.

A post mortem examination on Judith’s body revealed she succumbed to strangulation.

Her daughter’s body is however yet to be examined by pathologists.

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